The right caregiver is the one you choose carefully


Looking for that important person is a big task

Is not an easy decision to make. Once you realize and confirm that your parents, or one of them needs a caregiver, you have in your hands the big responsibility of choosing the right person.

There is not a manual or a written guidance for you to choose the person who will take care of your loved one, but there are certain things that you might want to have in mind while looking for that person.

Let’s start by talking about what kind of caregiver your mother or father may need. In order to do that, is important for you to determine what kind of care is needed. It could be Health Care ( nursing, blood sugar testing, therapy, medication administration), Personal Care (dressing, bathing, eating), Emotional Care (recreation activities, companionship, affective support), and Household Care (cleaning, cooking, shopping, transportation).

Once you know what kind of caregiver you are looking for, it’s important to consult your friends, and your loved one’s primary doctor to ask for specific recommendations. There are different options that you may find on the internet, like specialized agencies. Medicare and Medicaid could also provide the same kind of specialized services in some cases.

Review and check the caregiver candidate certifications and ask that person to participate in a trial journey. During the initial interview watch the interaction between your loved one and her or him. It’s important for the patient to feel comfortable and included, when possible, on the decision of who will be part of his or her life from now on.

A visit to the primary doctor is always a “go”. It’s important for the new caregiver to understand the specific condition and situation of the patient. Time and patience will be your allies. Don’t expect for the caregiver to fit into the family dynamic as soon as he or she starts working.

Don’t be afraid of asking questions, set rules or determine the routines for the caregiver. After all, you know your dad or mom better than anyone else and your input and experience will be key on the development of the relationship between that person and your loved one.

Finally, don’t feel alone. There are support groups and communities where you can rely to get the newest information about caregiving, or even to spend a good moment with people who know exactly what you are going through.


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