How to Choose your Botox Doctor?

Simple steps could prevent you to be in the wrong hands.

As always, the first thing you should do when choosing a doctor, is to check his or her credentials. Every physician or health provider should have not only certifications, but board approvals. Don’t be afraid of asking for them. At the end of the day, you are putting your health and in this case, also your beauty in their hands. You have only one face and the Botox effects could last up to four months.

As it happens in any other profession, in this case the experience is vital. Ask your friends for references. A referral will always help and could reduce the risk of side effects or even a bad procedure. Your primary doctor can also be a great source of information.

The internet is also a good place to look for providers. Look for reviews, references, testimonials, and qualifications from the providers you have in mind or the ones listed in your area. Current and former patients are always a good point of reference to know who’s who.

So, once you visit the doctor’s office look for clues. What kind of clues? It may sound weird, but a basic observation could tell you a lot about the doctor’s practice and his/her expertise.

Remember that not only doctors, but also nurse injectors could inject Botox to the patients. Look at them. If the nurse looks “fake”, “done”, or kind of “frozen”, instead of natural and fresh, that should give you a good hint.

The office itself could give you a big picture of the entire practice. If it is a dark and disorganized place, run! When a clinic or a medical office is not well cared outside, which is where patients spend most of their time while they are there, imagine how it could be inside…!

Every office should offer literature and prices about Botox, as well as the qualifications of their team. Ask everything you want to know about the procedure, the practitioner, the product and its effects. Doctors are there for you, to help you and to provide you a service. They are interested in taking care of you because, if you are happy, chances are you will keep going there in the future. They know that a satisfied client or patient, will be the best publicity for their practice.

Remember that when talking about your health or wellness, there are not silly questions.

We are here to serve you. Call us for an evaluation today at 954.DOCTORS (362.8677).

At Hallandale Medical Center your health is our priority



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