Adult Physicals Are Not a Myth, But a Good Habit

This is the post excerpt.


There is no reason to see a doctor, right? You feel strong and healthy. Nothing is bothering you and there are no pains or aches that could make you think you are sick.Well, reality is, our body works in mysterious ways and sometimes we may be experimenting something that doesn’t show to your eyes.

That’s why adults should have a physical exam as part of their periodical health routines. During the physical exam, your primary doctor will discuss with you your medical history and will proceed to measure vital signs like Temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Respiratory Rate, Weight and Height. During the same visit it will be an Organ System Review that includes cardiovascular, lungs, breast, abdomen, genitalia, nervous system, musculoskeletal, head, neck and skin. Other measurements or examinations may be included depending on your specific situation, family history and age.

Once you have your appointment to see your primary doctor, have in mind the following tips so you and your doctor can have the best results from it.

  • Bring a list of questions you may have for your doctor. Remember every pain, situation or abnormality that could be important to discuss.
  • Be clear about your family history. It is important for your doctor to know any medical conditions or diseases in your family.
  • While talking about your habits and lifestyle, be honest. Your doctor could determine certain kind of risks of disease or conditions based on all the information you provide.

Now, why is it  important for you to get a physical if you actually feel very good? The answer is simple and we could synthesize it in a “better safe than sorry”, but it goes beyond that. If we know what’s happening with our body we could make better and healthier decisions. We have the possibility to change or improve our lifestyle habits. We could know about health or disease risks that could affect not only us, but our descendants and, sure, if the doctor finds something that needs treatment and attention, is always good to know in time to take action.

So, don’t wait until you feel something is wrong. You can prevent illnesses by having the regular exams that have proven to reduce morbidity and mortality.

We are Hallandale Medical Center and we are here to serve you. Call us to schedule your next Adult Physical at:

954. DOCTORS (362.8677)

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